August: The Presentation of Life

Lu Lu became an elf after bathing. When I face my bad time, I looked like this as well. Believe me or not, it will be fine. Because you ARE a masterpiece of the great designer.

Today is Thursday, August 27, 2020. I’ve been back to Taiwan from the United States a while since May. It’s crazy. The unique journey with my host family who is our family’s close friends, yet I couldn’t have known that Jeffrey and me would be in a relationship later. Maybe I will tell you that crazy story, maybe I won’t, but right now, I want to write down some random thoughts.

Three months isn’t a long time yet quite a while. Studying abroad is definitely worthwhile investment if you keep open-minded. I gave it a try, and then those daily memories are totally MINE.

That’s why no matter what people say about one topic, their opinion is theirs, not yours. It’s worthy to test, question, and experience something difficult or unknown thing as long as you stay safe and be responsible to yourself.

For example, a YouTuber could feel nervous in his or her first video, yet we wouldn’t see that because we are outsider in this guy’s life.

You are an outsider in others life. Only YOU have the RIGHT to participate and motivate yourself. By the way, I believe this prospect, but I also care about what my parents and trustworthy friends’ thought.

What I’m trying to say is, there were tons of worries on our mind, but not this version of you, not today, not this moment, you have to stop blaming others, especially yourself. Because every day is a new day. God bless every one of us a bright new day!

C.S. Lewis once said, “One day, you will be old enough to read a fairy tale again.” I totally agree with him and believe that object extend beyond just fairy tale. We can easily see what human being desire about in their deep heart through a simple, clear and justice path.

I’d like to close my sharing briefly through this movie. Few days ago, I watched a movie called The Pilgrim’s Progress. At first, I thought the story line is a bit childish, though I changed my mind when I finished the movie and saw a common view inside the story. It’s a truly beautiful and wonderful image about a christian’s life.

As for my recent plans……First, I would invest myself in a better way, including increased available money and used for diverse courses. Second, enjoyed spending time with Jeffrey, to know him more, to love him deeply and truly. Third, keep connecting interesting people for more wowed experience, so that I would wow people someday.

P.S. I’m so happy to make new friends, one of those called Esther Chang. She is also my friend’s close friend from elementary school. What a coincidence!